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Why you need a Coach


Business coaching is for winners!

Your business is a success, but is it giving you everything you dreamed of?
Are you getting the growth, money and time to do what you wanted when you set the business up?

Working with a coach will help you identify the next steps you need to take for your business, help you with what you need to do and support you on your journey towards achieving your goals.


Choose your coach with care - why Nik Brooks at ActionCOACH?

  1. Guaranteed ROI from coaching in 6 months
  2. Over 3,500 proven strategies & tactics 
  3. Record of success, replicated across numerous business ventures 

Give yourself an unfair advantage

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I've been working with Nik for over the last 6 months and we've held a number of seminars together where I've seen how Nik can help businesses grow further. Nik is direct, forthright and challenging which is exactly what you need in a business coach. He delivers with clarity and experience, just 10 minutes with Nik and he recognised a gap in my business which I implemented.

John Morley. i-Sourcer

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Who is Nik Brooks


Life is to be enjoyed and the old adage "the more you put in, the more you get out" is one of my favourite quotes.

I am an open, enthusiastic, 'can do'person with a passion for success both mine and the people I work with.

My career has taken me to over 40 countries, working with a number of businesses each facing its own unique problems.

Clarity of thinking and a desire to get things done have made me successful.

 Why should you have Nik Brooks as your coach?

Coaching with Nik will help you identify where you want to get to and show you how to make the plan, give you the tools to execute the plan and support you along way.

Choose a coach who has made changes that have worked for numerous businesses, enabling the owners to focus on what they want in their life.